Introducing the groundbreaking AR headset ‘Apple Vision Pro’

Augmented Reality (AR)

Introducing the groundbreaking AR headset ‘Apple Vision Pro’

“It’s the first Apple product you look through, and not at” – Tim Cook.

Vision pro is a new kind of computer that seamlessly blends the real world with the digital world. You are no longer limited by a display as your surroundings are now limitless canvas.

Natural Intuitive Controls

Unlike other VR/AR headsets that require handheld remotes to operate, Vision Pro is completely controlled by your eyes, hands and voice.

MacBook Integration

You can bring your Mac wirelessly into your Vision Pro just by looking at it. This allows you to expand your display size to as big as you want with incredible 4K display.

An Extraordinary Entertainment Experience

Vision Pro will allow you to transform any room into your own personal movie theatre. Spatial Cinema will automatically dim surrounding light and lets you expand your display to any size.

Apple’s First Ever 3-D Camera

Vision Pro will allow you to capture memories in 3-D. This new added depth will make watching old videos feel like you’re going back in time and reliving them.

The new Vision Pro looks amazing and will change the Apple ecosystem forever.

It has a price tag of $3,499 and is set to launch early next year.

I’m excited ! Are you?

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